Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who Are You, Anyway? (Part 5 in the "Check Yourself" series)

If asked the question, "Who are you?", 99% of us would probably answer by giving our names. But does your name really tell people anything about who you are? If I answer the question "Who are you?" by saying, "I'm Jane," does it tell the person any more about me than if I said, "I'm Jen"?

So, who are you, anyway? It's all in how God has created and defined you: your life experience, your personality and your talents. It's an assessment of your resources that will help you as you answer the "Why am I here?" question. Take stock of the "pantry" of your personhood. What's in there that you can use in the assignments God hands you? Honestly answering the following questions (as fully and completely as you can) might help as you sit down and prayerfully consider who you are:
  • I am passionate about _______.
  • My personality and character strengths are ________.
  • My personality and character weaknesses are _________.
  • I am good at _________.
  • ________ were some life experiences that led me to become the ________ person I am today.
  • I have talent and/or experience in the following areas or skills:__________.

And the most important questions:

  • Am I teachable and obedient?
  • Am I willing to do whatever it takes to become the person God wants me to be so I can fulfill the purposes He has for me?

Once you figure out who you are, embrace it. The way God made you is a unique and valuable gift given to you, and you alone. Never despise the gift of who you are by wishing you were someone else or coveting her experiences or talents. God made you the way He made you because that's the way He wants you. It wouldn't be right to second guess Him. One of my favorite Bible passages is Psalm 139 (please read it if you have a chance: Verse 14 says:

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well."

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